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Bleach Databook 2 MASKED

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Bleach Databook 2 MASKED

Mensaje por zerocartoo el Lun 16 Mayo 2011, 7:40 pm


Download: [145 MB] ?7w5aq225e5pmc9a

Algunas imagenes (Previa):


Este nuevo book (MASKED) tiene 272 pag menos que el anterior (SOULs) con 328 Pero no pasa nada, el primero contenia el piloto del manga y basurilla que ocupaba en total unas 58 pag (42 del piloto, 10 sobre algo de Ichigo y 6 sobre Tatsuki). Asi que debe tener la misma info relevante.

Fechas de nacimiento:
Ulquiorra: 1 Diciembre
GJ: 31 Julio
Nnoitra: 11 De noviembre
Tesla: 13 Mayo
Neliel: 24 Abril
Yammy: 3 Abril
Luppi: 5 Junio
Pesche: 25 Mayo
Dondochaka: 30 Junio
Loly: 27 Enero
Menoly: 7 Diciembre
Cirucci: 27 Febrero
Dordoni: 28 Agosto
Zommari: 13 Octubre
Aaroniero: 23 Abril
D.Roy: 19 Junio
Shawlong: 4 Noviembre
Edorad: 25 Agosto
Yilfordt: 22 Junio
Nakeem: 3 Agosto
WW: 6 Julio
Iceringer:23 Noviembre
Demora: 27 Julio
Szayel: 22 Junio
Gantenbein: 21 Septiembre

2da division teniente es 大前田 希 ノ進 Omaeda Marenoshin (el padre de Omaeda)
3ra division teniente es 射場千鉄Iba Chikane (la madre de Iba)
4ta division teniente es 山田 清之介 Yamada Seinosuke (el hermano de Hanatarou)
6ta division teniente es 朽木 蒼純Kuchiki Soujyun (el padre de Byakuya)
7ma division teniente es 小椿刃右衛門 Kotsubaki Jinemon (el padre de Sentarou)
11va division capitan es 鬼厳城 剣八Kiganjo Kenpachi

Marenoshin Ōmaeda

* 2da Division teniente
* Fecha Nac: 5 Mayo
* Estatura: 210cm
* Peso: 151kg

Chikane Iba

* 3ra Division teniente
* Fecha Nac: 14 Septiembre
* Estatura: 160cm
* Peso: 47kg

Sōjun Kuchiki

* 6ta Division teniente
* Fecha Nac: 21 Mayo
* Estatura: 177cm
* Peso: 62kg

Shin'emon Kotsubaki

* 7ma Division lieutenant
* Fecha Nac: 26 Septiembre
* Estatura: 175cm
* Peso: 88kg

Kenpachi Kiganjū

* 11va Division captain
* 10mo Kenpachi
* Fecha Nac: 5 Octubre
* Estatura: 221cm
* Peso: 316kg


quevache escribió:Weko Mundo ni suuta sonzaisuru Arankaru no naka de, kakuzetsushita nouryoku to jitsuryoku wo motsumonotachi-----sore ga "Esupāda" de aru. Kousei menbā ha, Menosu Gurande no saijoui de aru "Vasuto Rōde" kyuu ga hotondo*. Sono jitsuryoku ni oujite, sorezore ga Aizen kara suuji wo sazukerarete iru.

Amongst the great numbers of Arrancar that exist in Hueco Mundo, possessors of exceptional ability and efficacy-----these are the "Espada." The members which comprise them are mostly* the highest rank of Menos Grande, the "Vasto Lorde" class. Depending on their efficacy each is, from Aizen, bestowed a number.

zeliate escribió:it says : "the 12th division captain kirio hikifune retires then promoted to the zero divison squad.
even though their name is similar to gotei 13, they have different systems
the royal guard's existence are extremely conceal that even the gotei 13 couldn't grasp their virtual conditions.
captain, vice captain is completely unknown"

then there's a small box:
past :
captain: unknown
vice captain : unknown

captain : unknown
vice captain : unknown

zeliate escribió:the scene where shunsui talking to chibi nanao:
it says something like : "the current vice captain nanao and shunsui meet each other precisely in this period of time, initially they were like a nervous child/girl and father relationship
however..the relationship between this two has now....."

(*what?what isit? kubo sensei!!! Bring mah nanao chan and shunshun back to manga!!!)

and there's a flower petals scene:
"Nanao was arrange to be a self-performing assistance of "I don't mind anything" captain
In this desultory day, the aspiration and respect has slowly dissapeared (*nanao dumps flower at shunsuiXD)" shows that nanao chan respect him soo much, but in this chilax day shunsui's childish behaviour annoys her~ so her respect and aspiration to him slowly dissapeared~~
Eventhough we never get to see them together in manga like...forever~kubo still hinting on their relationship~

"however..the relationship between this two has now....."

cmon sensei~ please reveal it to us..
I gotta few spare I've decided to translate the なるほど古今東西 in some of the TBTP squad divisionXD since....the gotei 13's past present and character's special note is for the lulz or something that the readers probably won't take it too seriously. :)... I love them too XD.
and therefore
I don't have to worry too much about the "espada are VL level"~ :sweat~ just one different word will considered as mistranslation.


not sure how do we translate this line though...
なるほど = naruhodo = oh I see..
古今 = past present

which is "oh I see(...?) past and present things" ????

anyway, here it is:

2nd division past present:

Can't imagine she is a princess of the high ranking noble family,yoruichi behaves rudely,in particular eating style/manners, has completely ruined. While in her duty,she eats like a hungry demon, her loyalty to appetite still doesn't change from past to present

5th division past present:

at that time, Ichimaru Gin joins the 5th division squad who is later on became Aizen's subordinates, he is a genius who graduates from the shino academy in just a year,as shown he can slaughtered the 5th division 3rd seed in ease

6th division past present:

Both as a top 4 noble families,byakuya and yoruichi had known each other since childhood.
Yoruichi often goes to the kuchiki mansion to tease byakuya,is this just a hobby to educate a very serious-honest byakuya
(生真面目過ぎる白哉への教育か単なる趣味か。。。はてさて-->not sure how to translate this line==)

8th division past present:

The current vice captain nanao and shunsui meet each other precisely in this period of time, initially they were like a nervous child/girl and father relationship, however..the relationship between this two has now.....

Nanao was arrange to be a self-performing assistance of "I don't mind anything" captain
In this desultory day, the aspiration and respect for him has slowly dissapeared

9th division past present:

Hisagi's origin
Hisagi Shuuhei marks a tattoo 69 on his face and with sleeveless shihakusho,the origin of the style, is the figure of his unforgettable savior.

10th division past present:

The current 10th division was led by, the youngest gotei 13 captain . Hitsugaya Toushiro. vice captain is Matsumoto Rangiku

11th division past present:

The current captain is Zaraki Kenpachi,who defeats the previous Kenpachi infront of team members.

12th division past present:

The owner of the grocery shop's hidden true face
Kisuke is currently living in a small and inconspicuous candy store,however it is also one of the day to work on his research in hogyoku and the truth of hollowfication.

Vizard's special note rough translation:

Hirako Shinji:
As a man with a girly hairstyle, it makes people feel very weird.
But he's actually a trend-setter, with tie,belt,as well as some of the products.
There's also an attachment, which is tongue piercing,eventhough its inconspicious but it has a light perception.

Sarugaki Hiyori:
Without the evil eyes, hiyori with stubby pigtail hairstyle still looks surprisingly beautiful.
There were once when a stranger calling her, as a result, she shouts[ shut up baldy!!]
Hirako and the others were extremely tremble by this

Murguruma Kensei:
He is extremely skilled in cooking,if there's any request he will reply [mendokuse na (how troublesome)] then started to prepare the ingredients and cook.
However its referring to "man's cooking",so the amount of seasoning is appropriate.

Unlike Kensei, Mashiro doesn't cook, her eat solving problems is 90% depends on the food that she bought from the convenient store . At once she had made kensei's meal into something that she only likes (candy etc.),which makes him loose his temper.

Yadoumaru Risa: (according to the description, its been confirm that she's a perv)
Risa couldn't buy adult/porn magazine due to the fact she's wearing school uniform, so she hand over her money to Rose and Hirako to buy for her.

What affects him decided to drew comics is unknown, but he lacks of artistic skills, which most of the team members have, So in realistic, it is best to find someone to work with.

Same as Hirako, he likes music
even though he seems quiet, but the music that he's listening to are northern west heavy metal music

(still translating hacchi's special noteXD~)


Sobre el perfil de Orihime
mina escribió:
There's quite a bit.

[Before I start, let me say that I am not a pro. I’m still learning Japanese. For the most part, I can read it and understand it. But again, I am no pro. Baring this in mind, if anything doesn’t make sense….Yeah, I think you get the point. If anyone wants the original text, I can give it to you. I might also change the translation if I see anything messed up. Anyway, hope you like it. ]

Profile data
Birthday…September 3rd
Height…157 cm
Weight…45 kg
Blood Type…Type BO
Hobby…Climbing up (to) tall places

A person with abilities who has the courage to save all things

Orihime is a classmate and a comrade of Ichigo. She is unfit for battle because of her gentle personality, but Aizen took an interest in Orihime’s unique abilities, and willing to or not was dragged into battle.
[For this sentence, I dropped に対して想いを寄せる after一護 (Ichigo). It’s because寄せる means a bit of things and I don’t know how to use it. One of the meanings is ‘to put aside.’ If it in this case, I think this half is saying that she puts aside or hides her feelings for Ichigo. Now I don’t really know, so if you know the right usage please be my guest and try to translate it if you feel like it.]

[Arrow pointing to the picture of the shun shun rikka.]
The Shun Shun Rikka are 6 spirit like existences that are the true presented form of Orihime’s “Power of her soul.”

[Arrow pointing to the picture of Orihime saying “being lonely is much better.”]
Orihime takes a humble manner and rebukes at Rukia speaking out her mind perfectly honest.

[Arrow pointing to Orihime next to the arrancar girl]
Orihime unable to look away from an injured person in front of her, not being an enemy or ally, displays her power at maximum.

Purpose of Battle

Her abilities awakened because of the will of protecting her friend. Without considering the dangers of their lives, not being an enemy or ally, uses her ability rejecting the event that happened to the object and reconstructs it.
[The second sentence is referring to those arrancar girls if I remember correctly.]

[Picture is of Orihime firing Tsubaki.]
In order to protect everyone like Tatsuki and Sado, she uses Kotenzanshun. With strong thoughts to defeat the enemy in front of Orihime’s eyes, she releases Tsubaki and attacks.

[Picture shows Orihime yelling out “Ayame” having the barrier expand]
When she was passing through the Dangai, she uses Soutenkishun saving the live’s of the two guardian shinigami who were injured by the arrancar’s attack.

[The picture shows Orihime healing Grimmjow’s lower back, restoring the place where his number is.]
An event Orihime herself didn’t witness. And she uses Soutenkishun even so, rejecting the actuality of the event happening, reconstructing it.

“I reject.”

[The arrow is pointing to the picture of Orihime trying to heal Ichigo’s wound.]
Orihime uses Soutenkishun on the fallen Ichigo who was at a near-death state from an open whole in his chest, but due to the massive Reiatsu swirling in/around Ichigo’s wound, Orihime had trouble rejecting it with her abilities.

At Soul Society

A strong will thinking of her friends

When her abilities were awakening it was “in order to protect Tatsuki,” while when it was about time to face Soul Society it was “in order to protect Ichigo.”

“The important ones are the ones in the heart.”Receiving Yoruichi’s teachings, Orihime was able to say her thoughts.
[Okay, I serious could not figure out the first sentence thing. Again, feel free to be my guest and try if I’m wrong.]

An old friend crying who has protected her… Seeing that, Orihime stands up with determination.

I'm finishing up the last two pages. It goes through the events Orihime had experienced. The only thing I thought was interesting was Orihime's hobby. Remember when Ichigo went to find Rukia and asked Byakuya and Renji where she was, and Ichigo asked Orihime "how'd you get up here?" That moment there seemed to hint her hobby of climbing tall places. I at least thought it was interesting.

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